Here’s My List & Methods For Getting Free Bitcoins, Dogecoins, And More

Recommended Sites For Free Crypto Currency Money

These are my personal favorite sites. Least effort for the best potential reward. - Every hour you can win up to $200 worth of bitcoin. Their multiply btc function also helps you in making more. You can auto-withdraw with no transaction fee or you can manual withdrawals for 0.00000400 btc or 400 Satoshis. – Same as above. I’ve made about 75,000 doge after a month with them. Very good site.

Qoinpro – Free bitcoins, dogecoins, litecoins, TIPS, and IFC (infinite coin), every day. It takes a while to get the %1200 bonus boost but considering that you literally sign up and get free money every day is a welfare king’s dream come true.

Free Bitcoin

BTC-clicks – More effort but you can earn about 5,000 to 10,000 satoshis per day. Good if you’re at work and have nothing to do.

8Coin-Mass-faucet-special – This is a collection of faucets that altogether, pay you 750 to 1,000 satoshis every 30 to 60 minutes. If you work your account enough, you can “rank up” and earn more per round, tripling, quadrupling, or multiplying your earnings more!

Free Dogecoin

See recommended sites above. Most dogecoin faucets out there pay very little Doge every 8 to 24 hours. How can you earn any money with rates that poor?!

Cloud Mining Solutions – Best & Worst

When you’ve earned enough money, you should plugin some of your earnings back into mining solutions. This allows you to have an income stream that goes beyond just waiting or typing captchas all day, effectively creating “wealth” for you and anyone you care about.

PBMining – This is my choice for cloud mining. Lowest fees and they don’t rip me off on electricity fees. I’ve broken even after 4 months with them.

Kncloud – Not out yet. – Ripoff. Avoid them. They claim a maintenance fee that is actually much higher than stated.

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